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Make the Most From Your Life Insurance Policy

There are many important reasons to build life insurance into a sound financial plan. Let our experienced team help you with your life insurance planning.

Many people view life insurance simply as a “death-benefit,” a way to protect their family and loved ones in case they were to pass away. Upon a closer look, however, you’ll discover that there is a world of potential uses and strategies for life insurance that go far beyond the traditional approach.

Cowen Tax Advisory Group is experienced in helping our clients understand their life insurance options and what features are most important to them. We will explain the life insurance underwriting and rating process, and in many cases, get you better ratings, better coverage and lower premiums.

Life Insurance Details:

  • Life insurance provides tax-free death benefit in a lump-sum to surviving spouse or family.
  • There are many creative ways to leverage life insurance for estate planning opportunities.
  • One of the greatest advantages of life insurance is that it allows for wealth transfer tax free.
  • We create certainty that the insured will not outlive their coverage no matter how long they live.
  • We can structure your policy to guarantee that your premiums that will never increase.

Life insurance is not something that everyone wants to talk about, but it’s important nevertheless. With so many needs for life insurance and so many valuable reasons to include it in your retirement planning, don’t delay talking about this important topic. Let the experienced team at Cowen Tax Advisory Group be your guide.

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