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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is the Foundation For a Worry-Free Future

At Cowen Tax Advisory Group, our focus is building our clients worry-free retirements through proven and effective retirement planning techniques.

Did you know the average retirement lasts 18 years1? For many people in today’s world, retirement can last even longer – sometimes 30 years or more. That’s potentially 30 years with zero salary to cover your living expenses. Where will that money come from?

For example, a retired couple with $75,000 per year in expenses, with an average of 18 years in retirement, would need $1,350,000 in assets to cover their costs. For that same couple living 30 years in retirement, that balloons to a hefty $2,250,000 in assets – and that doesn’t even factor in the increases in living expenses due to inflation and rising healthcare costs. Will you have enough to last?

Retirement Planning Details:

  • Ensure you have enough assets and maximize your cash flow in retirement
  • We are your one-stop shop for all your retirement planning needs and we make it easy.
  • We are Fiduciaries who always put our client’s needs and goals first.
  • We offer principal guarantee investment choices with zero risk, meaning you can’t lose money due to market loss. Principal is guaranteed and gains are locked in.
  • We also offer non-principal guarantee options meaning neither the principal nor the gains are protected.
  • We maximize investment returns while minimizing taxes
  • Providing assistance since 1978.

Proper retirement planning can provide confidence in your future, no matter how long your retirement lasts. Be prepared for all possibilities. Let Cowen Tax Group help you today.

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