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World Class Investment Management

Build a Better Portfolio With Low-Cost & Tax-Efficient Investments

Follow our Evidence-Based investing approach to maximize your return and minimize your risk, no matter what your investment goals.

According to the latest 2014 release of Dalbar's Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior (QAIB), the average investor in a blend of equities and fixed-income mutual funds has garnered only a 2.6% net annualized rate of return for the 10-year time period ending Dec. 31, 2013.1

During this same time-frame, the S&P 500 averaged just over 9.00%. So, why do individual investors perform so much worse? How did your portfolio perform over this same period? Did you struggle with earning a good return during challenging market environments? Our world-class investment management approach can help you get the return you need while minimizing the risk you take.

Investment Management Details:

  • We help you build a highly-efficient, low-tax and low-cost investment portfolio.
  • Complete a Risk Questionnaire and learn your personal risk tolerance.
  • Our clients receive personalized, transparent service and regular contact.
  • We provide portfolios from Savant Capital Management, consistently recognized as excellent by Barron’s, Forbes, Reuter’s and Bloomberg.
  • Gain confidence in the management of your portfolio during all market conditions.

Investing is easy when the markets are riding high. What’s more important, however, is the proven track record of a reliable investment manager. With markets higher than they’ve ever been, how confident are you in the future management of your investment funds? Don’t lose what you have earned. Call Cowen Tax Advisory Group for a complimentary investment portfolio review and fee analysis.

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