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Year-End Tax Planning

Making the Most From Year-End Tax Planning

The end of the year is one of the most important times to be thinking about your taxes. The decisions you make could save you thousands on your return next April.

You may not think that year-end is the right time to be thinking about tax planning, but in reality it’s one of the most strategic times to be thinking about your taxes. When you file your return in April, you’re doing so for the previous calendar year. So if you’re thinking about strategies to save money on your taxes when you’re filing your return, it may be too late.

Year-end tax planning with an experienced financial team like Cowen Tax Advisory Group can help you make the most of this important planning strategy. We’re a team of experienced tax planners and financial advisors that know what to look for and how to help you structure every aspect of your finances, saving you more money.

Year-End Tax Planning Details:

  • Maximize all your available deductions
  • Harvest capital losses
  • Contribute maximum to your 401K or IRA’s
  • Maximize charitable contributions
  • Learn how the new Tax Reform Bill impact you

Take advantage of the most important and most strategic tax-planning time of the year. Cowen Tax Advisory Group is here to help you today.

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