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Year-Round Tax Planning

Easy & Cost-Effective Tax Preparation Services

Good tax planning is more than just filing your tax return each April. Our team of experienced tax planners and advisors can save you on taxes year-round.

It may seem that the only time you need to worry about your taxes is when you’re getting ready to file your return. However, there are many advantages of tax planning that you should be thinking about the rest of the year. The biggest impact of tax planning comes from reviewing taxes associated with your investments.

Tax planning can impact nearly every aspect of your investments, such as determining what portfolio holdings you should own, what type of IRA account makes the most sense, how to minimize capital gains and so much more. More importantly, when you make the right decisions with your year-round tax planning, you can ultimately save thousands of dollars when you do file your tax return.

Year Round Tax Planning Details:

  • Maximize your investment returns while minimizing taxes
  • Harvest capital losses
  • Defer tax on dividend and interest income when possible
  • Reduce capital gains
  • Maximize deductions in retirement plans
  • Utilize Roth conversions if applicable

Don’t wait until April to start looking for ways to save money with your taxes. Let the experienced team at Cowen Tax Advisory Group help you with your year-round tax planning today.

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